About me

Thirty-something female gaming addict with an unnatural enthusiasm for facial hair, the 90’s, consuming large quantities of beer and embarrassing myself. This blog started life as a video-game thing but has quickly turned into a collection of mostly self-deprecating articles in which I try to keep the offensive language to a maximum.

Like my hero Randy Marsh, I am a geologist who currently works rotation on a drilling rig. As a result, I spend an average of 2 weeks of every month at home gaming, writing, drinking, reading Viz Magazine, internetting, misbehaving and training my dog to assassinate the entire Kardashian family with an ebola-infected machete. It is during these 2 weeks that I will try my best to provide you with something worth reading.

Love you x


6 thoughts on “About me

    1. Ha! Wind your neck in, love!
      Although you do have a point there, meatus-face. I should probably change it to “I take tea and flick bean on a rig for two weeks of every month.” Living the dream!!


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