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Epic Win – It’s Epic and it Pretty Much Wins

For those of you with an iPhone you MUST get this app.  It is called ‘Epic Win’ and it is basically a To-Do list in the form of an RPG.  You pick a character (I am the warrior princess, Jildo) and start writing down all those shit things you don’t want to do. 

My list currently consists of: Do washing, go jogging, worm Logan, get new passport, go on Turd Patrol (Billy keeps calling me the Turd Dodger so I have set aside an hour next week to patrol the back garden in search of stray cables the dog has laid when I haven’t been looking………….I know you want my life but you can’t have it).  You then assign each task to a trait, e.g. Strength, stamina, social, intellect or spirit. 

As you complete the tasks you gain experience points, your character levels up – I am now the Wench of Undesirable Tasks – and you pick up loot as you travel further throughout the land.  It’s fucking amazing!!  It makes me want to do stuff!!  It’s worth noting that I don’t think anything actually happens in the game; there’s no boss, no end, pretty much no storyline but it does enough to trick me into getting excited when the washing basket fills up.  As a result, this is getting a massive 4 fists from me.

(As you can see, I have developed a new, highly complex scoring system – The Fist List – the better the product, the more it will get fisted by me).

Here’s the Epic Win launch trailer:

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